30 Days: Game You’d Thought You’d Hate

This is one of a series called “30 Days of Video Games“, an exercise on daily writing.
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There are a lot of valid answers here: EverQuest is definitely an option, though it falls into the “love to hate” category a bit too much.  And the reasons I did love it had little to do with the game itself.  Total Annihilation is another one that I could talk about: initially it seemed like a low-budget knock-off RTS game and then like it was burdened with too many options.  However, I’m going to break with the PC for a bit and talk about Twisted Metal 2 for the PlayStation.

Twisted Metal is an interesting series; they’re ‘fighting games’ with cars.  Or better described, the games are a demolition derby with guns & rockets.  The art and concept aren’t exactly high-brow (the logo for TM2 features a clown with flaming hair, for Christ’s sake;) but the gameplay was addictive – low learning curve and nearly instant rewards of blowing your buddy(ies) to hell and back with an array of various explosive gadgets.  At the time, I was living in a fraternity house (don’t ask) and as a bunch of drunk college kids are wont to do, we spent an inordinate amount of time playing various games.  Tekken and Soul Calibur were other perennial favorites of ours as well; but Twisted Metal just filled the savage need to blow the ever-loving shit out of ice cream trucks.

It’s probably not a game I would go back and play now, but for a time, it was an amazing way to burn some late (or early) hours.

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  1. My college friends were also big fans of all 3 of those games. I actually went back and played TM2. I had a good laugh as a friend and I tried to work our way through the first 2 levels. I eventually gave up because I felt like such a newb again. Even though I knew the controls, the handling of the vehicles was the trickiest part. Of course, the best part was when I dropped a remote in the Eiffel Tower and tried to warn my friend that I had done so. 🙂 *spectacular explosion*

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