30 Days: Most Annoying Character

This is one of a series called “30 Days of Video Games“, an exercise on daily writing.
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Hey, I love dogs.  I really do.  I am most decidedly a “dog person.”  Nothing is better than the companionship of a good dog, a solid buddy that is truly your best friend.  My dog, Mini, a terrier mix of some sort, her attention is the best pick-me-up ever.  If I’ve had a crappy day at work, it melts away as soon as I get home and see a 30 pound bundle of fur and wagging tail holding her ball in her mouth begging for fetch.  If the Blazers are on TV, she’s always snuggled up with me on the couch, content with a few scratches behind her ears after Lillard drains another 3.

But that… thing in Duck Hunt is not a dog.  It’s an asshole.  A brazen, vile shit-hole of a canine, more content to be an obnoxious, self-righteous little fucker every time you miss a duck.  The worst thing is, when you first turn on the game, you’re excited for the fun loving smile your dog has when it sniffs out ducks.   The carefree joy the dog has as it jumps into the bushes to go flush out the poor ducks that are soon to become dinner, the joy it has when it retrieves a duck… and then… you miss.


And then this:


turns into… this:

Seriously, fuck that stupid fucking smug piece of shit dog.

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