30 Days: Turn-based or Real-time

This is one of a series called “30 Days of Video Games“, an exercise on daily writing.
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Well, this is a topic.  It’s keeping in theme at the very least from the previous entry, which kept in theme from the entry previous that, so we’ve got ourselves a nice little chain here, don’t we?

Turn based or real-time strategy games… this should be  tough one to decide as I have favorites on both sides of the question here.  On one hand, we have the indomitable Civilization series in all its turn-based glory, along with other favorites such as Final Fantasy Tactics. However, on the other side live some of the most beloved games – Starcraft, Age of Empires and the Paradox series of strategy games (Europa Universalis, Victoria, Crusader Kings, etc.)  This is a stacked battle, without a doubt…

… but why choose?  I say both!

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