30 Days: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

This is one of a series called “30 Days of Video Games“, an exercise on daily writing.
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My guilty pleasure game involves lots of destruction.  It involves very little challenge, just the patience needed to get to the point where I am gleefully annihilating enemies left and right.  It requires no thought, no grand strategy other than the basics; overwhelming force.  It has many different names, though;

At first it was Total Annihilation – I would find some defensible terrain, set up some automated turrets while building up tech and the resources needed to unleash the “Buzzsaw” – a repeating siege weapon that would literally pepper my enemies with cannon fire as I chortled towards building bigger weapons of mass destruction.

It became Starcraft, as I would set up choke points with siege tanks just to watch endless waves of Zerg and Protoss  AI melt against bunkers, towers and tanks.

It was Gauntlet, and Diablo II, it was Civilization IV on the Earth 18 map.

Hrm, maybe I should search for a new guilty pleasure game.

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