30 More Days: Minor Character

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I can’t pick HK-47 twice?

Well, he’s not minor nor random, and maybe qualifies as a companion, but since I didn’t get the grumpy guy his due then, I’ll give him his now.  Let’s talk about Garrus Vakarian.


Garrus is perhaps one of the best homages to the buddy cop ever.  A charismatic guy with a dark past, a tendency to operate a bit outside the law (perfect for the Renegade Shep who is going to save this goddamned universe, goddamnit) – he’s Male Shep’s best buddy, a compatriot with a thousand war stories.

But to FemShep (canon, imo), he’s more.  Much, much more.  Sure, he’s willing to sit around all day and “calibrate the guns” but once you crack that hard plated skin of his, he’s a big gooey mess of a lover, so very, very awkward.  But beware of chafing.

So here’s to the best friend a lonely Shep could ever have (outside of Liara, or Tali, or… Jack, I guess, if you’re insane?)

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