30 Days: Best Story

This is one of a series called “30 Days of Video Games“, an exercise on daily writing.
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I kid, I kid.  Diablo’s video game porno – set the scene, get some plot lines laid down and start with the um, action.  The most frequent complaint about Diablo III?  Too much story, of course.  It reads like a bad soap opera, which, I think, if you tried to lay down too much plot in a porno, you’d probably get the same result.

Let’s diverge from porno, shall we?

Er, or not.  But, thumbs in alternate erogenous areas aside, my selection for best story is Dragon Age 2.  And this is probably not the first choice for many – a lot of people found fault with the second installment of the “New Shit“, mostly due to the overly repetitive adventure areas, though.  That aside, I really enjoyed the story of Dragon Age 2; it was not an epic tale like Dragon Age: Origins – we can’t all be Grey Wardens, after all – but the life of times of the Champion of Kirkwall made for an amusing “choose your own adventure” story.  I would have liked some alternate endings, but you can’t have it all, I guess.

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