30 Days: Disappointing Sequel

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There’s really no debate about this one.

Caveats aside – the recent expansion and revamp of the loot system has made Diablo III a much better game than it was on release.  However, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved (and often imitated) Diablo II, was, without question, one of the most disappointing video games of all time, let alone sequel.  The matter has been discussed ad nauseum – the questionable choice to make the best loot come from the in-game auction house (with real money option, I mean, really Blizzard?), the god-awful story line (seriously, they fucking killed Deckard Cain, what the fuck,) and the initial inescapable cutscenes and dialog options which made replaying act 3 akin to wanting to gouge your fucking eyes and ears out (okay you beat that last ‘unbeatable’ lieutenant of mine, but wait until you see the next one, muahahaha for the 50th time.)

But the truly unforgivable, the real salt in the wound, was the forced online gameplay, coupled with the wide release that resulted in Error 37 (and it’s younger cousin, Error 3003,) the dreaded “you just paid $60 for a game where you hit connect 3,467 times before rage quitting” error that greeted, well, just about everyone.  Again, Error 37 has become quite the meme, so there’s not much else to discuss.  The game was a trainwreck on release.

It has got better.  It’s actually closer to what it should have been on release with the expansion, the new loot system, and improved performance.  But its release will go down in infamy.



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